Emmy Morel with Leslie Hughes, occupational therapist assistant

A few occupational therapy interventions at Life Care Center of North Glendale, Arizona, recently made quite a difference for one of the facility’s long-term residents.


Emmy Morel is 77 years old and suffered a stroke more than six years ago which left her totally hemiplegic on her left side. She came to Life Care on April 26, 2019.


Morel was suffering from severe pain (rated at an eight out of 10) in her left shoulder. Leslie Hughes, occupational therapist assistant, and Nathan Cruse, occupational therapist, talked to her about trying Kinesio Tape on her shoulder in conjunction with E-Stim (electrical stimulation) to see if she would have a decrease in her pain level. After only one treatment, she rated her pain at a zero out of 10!


Soon, Morel was able to relearn an old pastime, crocheting, with the help of her therapists and adaptive equipment.


When Hughes expressed her happiness at Morel’s lack of pain, Morel replied, “You think you’re happy – you should feel how happy I am right now!”


Morel returned home on May 28.