The pies

On March 14, 2018, Life Care Center of North Glendale, Arizona, hosted a Pi Day celebration.


That day, the rehabilitation department updated its documentation system. Jennifer Council, assistant director of rehab, suggested the celebration to add some fun into the day.               


The department teamed up to bring in seven pies for the event. Matt Highfill, director of rehab services, made a southern staple: a chocolate chess pie.


“I told my staff that I had included a secret ingredient,” said Highfill. “Nathan Cruse, one of our occupational therapists, asked me, ‘Is the secret ingredient love?’ I replied, ‘Well, that was one of the ingredients, but the special addition was balsamic vinegar.’”


Erin Stanley, regional rehab director, who was in the building assisting the team with the documentation system, also participated by baking an apple pie from scratch.


“I love baking pie, so it was fun to celebrate Pi Day with the team at North Glendale,” said Stanley.


The celebration wasn’t just for associates. As pies are typically circle, patients participated with circle-themed therapy sessions. To join the fun, speech therapists integrated pie recipes into sequencing exercises, and occupational therapists used play dough to roll “pies” out for their activities. Patients also ate the pies to practice their self-feeding and swallowing.


Between associates and patients, the pies didn’t last long. The facility turned what could have been a stressful day of adjustment for the rehab department into a party for all.


Eric Selig, administrator in training, enjoyed the day with a piece of coconut crème pie. 


“Who doesn't love pie?” he said.