Sidney Furney climbs the stairs with the help of Emily Tolkamp, physical therapist.

After having a stroke at the young age of 50, Sidney Furney came to Life Care Center of North Glendale, Arizona, on Feb. 6, 2019, for recovery.


The stroke had impaired Furney’s left side, and when he was evaluated when he first arrived, he could only walk 60 feet with a platform walker with someone steadying him. He also needed maximum assistance for all of his activities of daily living. He had several other health issues also impacting his ability to function.


“Sidney has a wonderful smile and great determination to improve his strength and independence,” said Donna Black, director of rehab.


After three weeks of working with the therapy department, Furney is now walking with a hemi walker (a four-point walker without wheels) for more than 1,000 feet with stand-by assistance. He can now take care of himself again in areas like bathing, dressing and grooming as well.


“This place is amazing!” said Furney. “I received so much help and encouragement.”


All the staff at Life Care Center of North Glendale celebrate his success and wish him well. Furney returned home on Feb. 25.